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I Want To Zene.
I Want To George Baker Selection.

File Size (Mbyte) Date/time Length (Hour, Min, Sec) Bitrate (kbps) Channel (mono/stereo) Sampling frequency
I Want To.mp3 2.301.02.11 15:33:250:02:28128S44
Jim.mp3 15:29:340:01:08128S44
Come To Me.mp3 0.504.01.04 18:39:000:01:12 64S22
Limahl.mp316.204.08.03 02:39:510:38:39 56S22
Ohmori Reiko.mp3 02:28:43
Omega.mp3 11:31:330:04:22 96S44
Will Young.mp3 2.803.08.22 07:08:180:03:56 96S44
Badle.mp3 09:47:040:04:10 96S44
Dont Be Stupid.mp3 11:31:330:04:22 96S44
Hiphop.mp3 3.403.12.07 14:17:500:04:50 96S44
Irigyh Nalj Mirigy.mp3 2.904.08.14 15:33:530:04:04 96S44
All Things Good.mp3 3.304.07.02 12:27:420:04:42 96S44
Prison Break Commercial.mp3 3.604.06.04 06:50:470:05:03 96S44
I Want To Break Free.mp3 3.504.06.19 14:33:400:04:56 96S44
Rggada.mp3 2.904.08.20 06:20:220:04:05 96M44
12375 12427 12375.mp3 4.304.06.19 14:27:480:06:05 96S44
Bhebbak.mp3 09:03:480:04:23 96S44
Pauk.mp3 3.304.05.15 09:17:380:04:37 96S44
Cloudy Heart.mp3 11:05:500:04:29 96S44
Sozana.mp3 2.904.08.30 08:29:260:04:05 96M44
12488 12521 12483 12463 12477 12531 12464.mp3 09:47:040:04:10 96S44
Mbc Action Commercial.mp3 3.304.07.02 12:27:420:04:42 96S44
Another Day In Paradise.mp3 2.904.08.20 06:20:220:04:05 96M44
Rabindra Sangeet.mp3 4.304.06.19 14:27:480:06:05 96S44
Cloudy Heart.mp3 11:31:330:04:22 96S44
Malaysia.mp3 2.904.08.30 08:29:260:04:05 96M44
Maria.mp3 11:05:500:04:29 96S44
Moonrampirai.mp3 3.304.05.15 09:17:380:04:37 96S44
It S Not Over.mp3 3.604.06.04 06:50:470:05:03 96S44
Ff8 Journey Medley.mp3 3.504.06.19 14:33:400:04:56 96S44
Allah Allah Mawlana.mp3 2.904.08.14 15:33:530:04:04 96S44
Ilayaraja.mp3 09:03:480:04:23 96S44
Stopstopstop.mp3 2.803.08.22 07:08:180:03:56 96S44
Sensation White.mp3 3.604.09.07 07:38:490:05:01 96M44
Ofra Haza.mp3 17:29:120:03:36112S44
O Zone.mp3 21:28:120:03:25128S44
Chinese Orchestra.mp3 14:03:080:04:23128S44
Zhongruan.mp3 19:56:390:01:15128S44
Rey Misterio Songs.mp3 4.902.08.24 19:36:280:05:07128S44

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I Want To Oldies.