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Domaje Dragostea Din Tei.
Domaje Bethoven.

File Size (Mbyte) Date/time Length (Hour, Min, Sec) Bitrate (kbps) Channel (mono/stereo) Sampling frequency
Domaje.mp3 0.603.10.22 11:27:360:01:00 80S44
Noel.mp3 0.903.05.07 01:41:230:00:59128S44
Pokemon.mp3 0.903.05.07 01:41:270:00:59128S44
Hamasaki Ayumi.mp3 2.304.01.30 03:30:24
Tokyo Driff.mp3 0.603.08.14 06:50:110:01:00 80S44
Amy Mastura Cinta.mp3 8.403.05.13 19:00:090:10:06112M44
Dragostea Din Tei.mp3 0.603.12.01 08:30:270:01:00 80S44
Chaala Lagda Sona We Watan Mahi Da.mp3 0.603.08.19 05:30:390:01:00 80S44
Hasan.mp3 0.900.11.01 08:31:520:00:56128M44
Setia.mp3 3.400.11.16 01:12:430:03:34128S44
A Journey Through Ff8.mp3 2.404.02.07 12:57:220:17:49 18M11
Carey.mp3 2.404.01.30 03:32:300:17:53 18M11
Gumimaci.mp3 2.404.01.30 03:30:520:17:47 18M11
Queen.mp3 08:00:460:01:12128M44
Friend Of God.mp3 0.704.04.01 08:39:010:01:35 64S44
Its Allmost Over Now.mp3 02:28:430:03:27 80M44
Ideal.mp3 1.803.06.04 08:37:090:03:08 80S44
Teslim Budak.mp3 0.603.08.18 04:25:540:01:00 80S44
Evitare Mp3.mp3 2.703.01.21 23:18:090:02:52128S44
Airtel.mp3 0.601.05.03 21:46:470:00:51 96S44
Nightingale Yanni.mp3 15:30:000:02:10128S44
Evitare.mp3 3.801.02.11 15:32:000:04:03128S44

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